About Handslick Painting

"We Don't Cut Corners, We Paint Them"

The slogan says it all, from the core of the company to the jobs we do.

What this means to Handslick is we cannot do the “perfect” job for everyone. It’s impossible. What we can do is offer the “Perfect” combination of product, skill, and uniqueness for your project. The slogan means we will work with you to figure out the details of your project and address it properly to specifications, using the appropriate product to acquire your desired outcome. Some customers are just looking to freshen up the look of their home; others want to make sure their project will last for years to come. Each can be done with specific products and without needing to cut quality or skill. That is how we paint your corners without cutting them.
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Darryl Hanson

About Handslick Painting

History of Handslick

When I opened Handslick almost 10 years ago, I wasn’t sure what to name the company. A lot of contractors just throw their own name into the title and call it good. My business background urged me to do something that could be singled out, something that could not be duplicated easily.

In construction I was nicknamed Han-slick (a word play on my last name) by my mentor. I got the name because I was always able to find a way through tough situations. While researching some painting specs, I stumbled upon the word Handslick; a definition in a paint application technique. I was surprised how many professional painters I knew had never heard of the word. Then it came to me. I wanted to separate my company from the other companies that only know how to use a few products, in only one or two ways. I named my company after a definition that my competitors don’t know but should. This is the start of what separates Handslick Painting from the rest. We find and focus on the products designed specifically for each job we do, Instead of focusing on what is “easiest.”

   Handslick: When your hand can slide across the surface without snag or sticking, the surface is ready for another application.

We do not depend on best pricing. We do not depend on customer rated products. We do not depend on what our vendors sell us. Being an expert and a professional means knowing when to search beyond your own knowledge, to offer the best solution to your customer. Ten years later, these same service standards have insured our presence in the Portland-Metro community. We look forward to sharing them with you as well.