Cabinet Restoration, Repair & Installation

handslick painting cabinetry restoration cabinet refinishing repair clackamas or portland oregonCabinet Restoration, Repair & Installation

Serving Clackamas, OR & Portland, OR

Are your cabinets outdated? Do you want to elevate the look of the cabinetry in your home or business? Have you been putting off a kitchen remodel because of the expense? Are you looking for cabinet restoration, staining, repair or installation services in the Clackamas and Portland OR areas? Look no further, as Handslick Painting has the expertise to provide you the highest quality cabinetry contracting services available.
Many people chose cabinet restoration when they are remodeling because it is a cost effective way to bring your dated cabinetry into the 21st century. The cabinet refinishing specialists with Handslick Painting are confident that you will be satisfied with the superior customer service you are guaranteed to receive.
Handslick Painting has over a decade of experience servicing even the most run-down cabinets, so you can be rest assured your cabinetry is in the hands of seasoned professionals. If you are interested in rejuvenating your cupboards, we will be happy to send a licensed professional to your home or business to conduct a complimentary consultation and inspection. Contact us directly to speak to a licensed cabinet restoration specialist today!

handslick painting cabinet restoration cabinetry refinishing installation repair clackamas oregon portland orBenefits of Cabinet Restoration

The benefits of cabinet restoration are abundant. The biggest advantage to cabinet restoration versus purchasing new cabinetry is the considerable price difference. Cabinet restoration often ends up being half the price of purchasing and installing new cupboards. Choosing to restore your existing cabinetry is also better for the environment, as you are not tossing out your old cabinets to replace them with new ones. Many people choose restoration because they genuinely enjoy their current cabinets, yet desire a new fresh coat of paint or a different color of stain.

Cabinet Restoration Considerations

Handslick Painting would be thrilled to conduct your cabinet restoration project. However, there are some things to take into consideration before taking on such an endeavor. If you currently have laminate or thermofoil cabinets we will not be able to perform cabinet restoration services. It is also important that you are satisfied with the current layout of your cabinetry, as changing it is difficult, and requires additional work. Most importantly, you should be happy with the overall look and style of your current cupboards.
The licensed cabinet restorations professionals we employ are experts at cabinet staining, cabinet refinishing, and cabinet installation services. Call us now or contact us through our website for more information!