Garage Epoxy Painting

Garage Epoxy Painting

Serving Clackamas, Oregon & Portland, OR

garage epoxy painting coating handslick portland or clackamas oregonGarage floor epoxy painting is a highly popular alternative to traditional garage floor painting in the Portland, OR and Clackamas, OR areas.

Epoxy garage floor is a tad more expensive than regular paint however it is significantly more durable. It also has the same application process so no special considerations need to be made when you decide epoxy is a better choice for you. Furthermore, color options are also plentiful so you are sure to get the one you want. For those who would like to add a personal touch to their epoxy garage floor paint, you can add an anti-skid application for slip resistance or colored paint chips onto the surface for a pop of style.

Garage Epoxy Paint is available in two options

The first option is 1-part epoxy paint is extremely durable, chip resistant, attractive, and bonds beautifully to concrete flooring. With sound application, your garage floor epoxy paint should look flawless for up to three years.

The second option is referred to as 2-part epoxy paint. The 2-part epoxy paint is not actually paint and is typically performed as a single coat application. 2-part epoxy is significantly more expensive that 1-part epoxy as it lasts even longer and provides vigorous protection.

Garage Epoxy Painting Considerations

No matter what type of epoxy paint you choose to use for your garage floor, there are other considerations that need to be taken into account. For starters, your garage floor requires proper preparation before painting can begin.

Preparation includes thoroughly cleaning the garage floor, as concrete tends to absorb contaminants that can be a barrier to the bonding of the paint to the concrete. Depending on the epoxy paint manufacturer you choose, there may be additional preparation steps needed. For example, if your garage floor already has a finish you may need to remove that prior to painting. You may also want to consider using epoxy paint primer. Applying paint primer before applying the epoxy coat provides extra protection that will help the paint last.