Garage Floor Painting

Garage Floor Painting

Serving Clackamas, Oregon & Portland, OR

garage floor painting handslick portland or clackamas oregonOne way to upgrade the look and feel of your garage relatively inexpensively, is to paint your concrete garage floor. Garage floor coating in the Portland, OR and Clackamas, OR areas has become an extremely popular service.

Your garage floor does not need to remain an eye sore any longer.
Garage floor painting will literally transform your entire garage in no time at all. Your garage flooring will be so appealing after it is painted, that you will want to show anyone willing to take the time to look.

The most common choice for garage floor painting is traditional latex acrylic concrete paint. With proper preparation of the concrete floor, the application of latex acrylic paint is easy and straightforward. This particular type of application will last anywhere from 12-24 months depending on maintenance and traffic.

Garage Floor Painting Benefits

There are many benefits when you choose a traditional latex acrylic paint application for your garage floor. The most obvious benefit is how the garage will look after the service is complete. Simply painting the garage floor will turn a dreary space into an inviting and comfortable environment.

Another benefit is that garage floor paint provides the concrete with a layer of protection from contaminants that can be unsightly. Bare garage floor concrete is porous and will absorb any contaminants it is exposed to.

Furthermore, painting your garage floor will also make cleaning grease and grime, quick and easy. However, some contaminants can compromise the integrity of the paint, so cleaning up spills quickly and not letting them sit is the best course of action in maintaining your garage floor.

Additional Considerations

Depending on your particular needs, you may decide that traditional acrylic paint is not durable enough, making epoxy garage floor paint a more appealing option. Whatever your needs, Handslick Painting would be happy to help you make an educated decision about what type of garage floor coating is most appropriate for your home in the Portland, OR and Clackamas, OR areas. We encourage you to contact us with questions or to schedule your free consultation today!