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Handslick Painting is the top choice for specialty painting and staining services in the Clackamas, Oregon City and Portland Oregon areas. We offer superior quality specialty painting and wood staining services to suit both residential and commercial needs. If you have a custom painting or specialty wood staining project in mind, we would be happy to complete the job to your satisfaction at an affordable and competitive rate. Our team of expertly trained professionals have the proficiency to paint and stain almost anything. If you have a vision for something you would like painted or stained, we can take care of that for you quickly and efficiently. Please contact us directly or through our website for more information or your free same day quote!

Custom Painting Services & Specialty Wood Staining Services

As a company that offers custom painting and wood staining services, we make it our business to ensure we can accommodate the needs of all our valued customers. We will paint or stain anything you request. Below is a list of our most common custom painting and wood staining projects:

  • Fireplace mantles: We have the expertise to provide flawless fireplace mantle specialty painting and wood staining services.
  • Garage doors: The friendly professionals at Handslick Painting will have your garage door looking like new in no time using the highest quality paint available.
  • Banisters, and railings: If you would like your banister or railings painted or stained, we would be happy to take care of that for you in a timely and professional manner.
  • Crown molding: We offer both custom painting and specialty staining services for all crown molding projects.
  • Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Bonus rooms, Offices, Dens, Additions: We are able to provide painting services for every room of your home or business.
  • Cabinet staining and refinishing: This is a highly sought after service, as it can revitalized old cabinets and drastically change the look of your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Wainscoting: This is a popular custom service choice that includes installing wooden paneling along the lower half of a wall.
  • Tables, Chairs and Benches: We enjoy refinishing and staining tables, chairs, benches, end tables, night stands and much more!
  • Lattices: If the paint or stain on your lattice has been affected by the elements, we can get it looking brighter than ever, quickly and affordably.
  • Decorative painting: We offer a wide array of decorative painting including accent walls, stencils, and much more!
  • Faux Painting: We offer a variety of faux painting services to mimic the looks of materials such as marble, brick, wood, stone and more!